The Things And Stuff provides people an easy way to buy used furniture and home goods. We get our inventory from people and businesses around Los Angeles who are moving or redecorating. We list our entire inventory online, we deliver, and buyers can send back anything which they decide, at the time of delivery, they don't want.

We reduce prices on items regularly. Feel free to make an offer on any item we're selling.

The Things And Stuff was founded in 2013 by Troy Pasulka, a Chicago native, and graduate of Cornell University and Washington University's School of Law. Our Yelp Reviews highlight the fact that we aim to provide excellent, flexible, and trustworthy service to each of our clients.

Contact info: / 323-379-5742

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you have a store?

We use your home/business as our store: order anything and we'll bring it to you. If you don't like it, tell us at the time of delivery and we'll take it back at no cost. If you would like to see an item before we bring it to you, just call us to set up a viewing appointment our warehouse.

2. How much does delivery cost?

Deliveries of items you purchase from our site are often free. If you need something delivered at a particular time on a specific day, sometimes there will be a small fee. Long-distance deliveries (San Francisco, Palm Springs, etc.) are possible at more normal delivery costs.

3. When do you deliver?

Whenever (our schedule allows). We have people working every day of the year, from early in the morning to late at night.

4. How soon can I get something delivered?

Usually same-day or next-day. Depends on the items ordered. Call us to get a more precise answer.

5. What happens if I don't like something when I see it upon delivery?

Don't accept it. Our delivery guys will bring it back and you won't be charged for any rejected items (or you will be refunded if you already paid for those items). If you do accept an item, and then decide you don't want it, we can normally pick it up, but there is a pickup/restocking fee. (Also, if there is some scratch or mark that wasn't apparent in the pictures of the item, we may be able to give you the item at a slightly reduced price.)

6. Do you offer any other services?

Please give us a call to ask if we can assist with your project in some way.


Pickup Agreements:

See our Pickup page for general info about these agreements:

Standard Consginment Agreement

Free Pickup Agreement

Removal Pickup Agreement