Removal Pickup Agreement

1. Service Provided, Fee Charged

The Things And Stuff ("TTAS") will pickup certain items from you, removing them from your space. The fee for pickup varies based on item type, amount, etc., and will have been determined previously between you and TTAS.

2. No Compensation Received

TTAS will not give you any compensation for the items picked up.

3. Item Ownership, Item Return, Item Damage

From the moment you and TTAS agree that TTAS will pick up your items, you forfeit your ownership rights to the pieces with respect to TTAS. You are thus not entitled tp any compensation for damage to the items being picked up, and you have no right to request return of the items once they have been picked up.

4. Right of Refusal:

Upon in-person inspection of items, TTAS has the right to refuse to any any or all of the items it expected to take. Alternatively, TTAS may offer to pick up these items only for a fee.

5. Non-Written Terms:

This written agreement contains all terms governing your relationship with TTAS, except for the amount of the fee being charged. Only written modifications to this agreement, offered by TTAS, and accepted by you, are binding. Non-written agreements, discussions, etc. cannot modify this contract.

6. Missed Appointments:

TTAS is not liable for any costs or damage that results from our inability to pick up or return your items on a specific day, or at a specific time, even if a pickup appointment was scheduled. Of course, we try our very best to respect your time.

7. Your Authority

You certify that you own, or are authorized to gift TTAS, each of the items you give TTAS. You agree to reimburse The Things And Stuff for any costs that arise in the event that you do not own, or are not authorized to gift, any of the items of which you consign to us.

8. Hazardous Items:

We will not pick up Hazardous Items. We will exclusively determine whether an item is a Hazardous Item.