Bring Us Your Staging & Design Projects!

The Things And Stuff provides its own staging services, and also works regularly with several interior designers and home staging companies.

The Things And Stuff's Staging Service

We offer affordable alternative to traditional staging companies.  Show us your space and we will select an arrangement of pieces from our retail inventory to enhance your space's character.  We can also purchase and rent pieces specifically for your space.  Portfolio.


"[W]e pride ourselves on a keen eye for current trends in design, as well as our knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market and what appeals to today's buyer.  The Craft aesthetic is clean, organic and eclectic, incorporating vintage, mid-century, rustic, and custom original designs by local craftsmen and artists.  We offer complete and partial staging and interior design with a thoughtful approach specifically tailored to each unique space and its distinct vibe.  Each project is professionally curated to include original artwork, accessories, live plant arrangements, and exotic soft furnishings from around the globe..."

"Shayne Blue is an interior stylist with a keen vision for unique interiors that bring intimacy, warmth, and delight to your space."

"Kentucky born, Los Angeles based. 
Designer, stylist, art director, collector. 
Telling stories through objects. 
Letting objects tell stories themselves."