Standard Consignment Agreement

1. Service Provided

The Things And Stuff ("TTAS") will pickup, store, and sell your items.

2. Payment Amounts, Methods

Each of your items sold for at least $750 will trigger a payment from TTAS to you. The amount of each payment is determined by the pre-tax price for which the item triggering the payment was sold: 
An item sold for $750 will trigger a payment of 30% of the item’s sale price. An item sold for $1,750 or more will trigger a payment of 50% of the item’s sale price. An item sold for any amount between $750 and $1,750 will trigger a payment of between 30% and 50% of the item’s sale price, the percentage rising smoothly towards 50% as the sale price rises. (For instance, an item sold for $1,250 triggers a 40% payment, as $1,250 is halfway between $750 and $1,750, just like 40% is halfway between 30% and 50%.)

Items sold for less than $750 do not trigger any payment. We provide a removal service for such items (sometimes free of charge), not a consignment service. You can view examples of items we’ve sold for at least $750, and examples of items we’ve sold for less than $750, though these examples may not perfectly reflect the prices at which your items will sell.

In order to sell your items faster, and for higher prices, TTAS may sell your items through an intermediate site such as our mini-site. When we sell your item through such a site, your actual payment percentage is lower by ten percentage points from what it would have been had we sold the item directly through our site.

Most customers receive payments via PayPal, Venmo, or Square Cash. We can also mail you checks, and may be able to accommodate other payment methods.

You do not need to track your products but, to assist you with this if you would like to, just ask us for your "owner code" (a short code that will allow you to see both sold and unsold items when you search our website for it).

3. Item Pricing:

TTAS will determine all listing and sale prices, and may alter those prices at any time, for any or no reason. Feel free to send us any information that may help us in determining appropriate sale prices. TTAS does not attempt to sell items for their highest conceivable prices; we try to sell items for reasonable prices, with the goal of each item within three weeks of receiving it. We periodically reduce prices of items not sold, approximately once or twice a week.

4. Item Damage:

TTAS does not insure the items we pick up from you. By allowing us to pick up your items, you assume the risk that your items may be damaged or destroyed while in our possession, and you understand that in such an event, you would not be entitled to any amount of compensation. TTAS may, as a courtesy, reimburse you for damage done to your items; however, this does not change the fact we you have agreed not to hold TTAS liable for any damage done to your items while they are in our possession. (If fully insuring your items is important to you, contact us about our alternate agreement.)

5. Excluded Items, Fees:

TTAS will not compensate you for the following types of items, and there may be a fee associated with pickup of such items: (1) mattresses, box springs, or box TVs picked up, (2) any item we determine, at any time, is unsafe for resale, (3) any sort of item which is largely sentimental in value, (4) any item picked up which is smaller than a basketball, (5) any upholstered item which has pet smells and/or significant stains/rips.

6. Other terms:

A. This written agreement contains all terms governing your relationship with TTAS. Only written modifications to this consignment agreement, offered by TTAS, and accepted by you, are binding. Non-written agreements, discussions, etc. cannot modify this contract.

B. TTAS reserves the right to refuse to take any item, or to only take certain items as part of our removal pickup service. We will not pick up Hazardous Items. We will exclusively determine whether an item is a Hazardous Item.
C. TTAS normally cannot take unassembled, disassembled, or boxed items (though TTAS can normally disassemble items ourselves, as needed). When TTAS accepts unassembled, disassembled, or boxed items, it does so with your permission to dispose of any item without compensating you in any way if TTAS deems assembly impossible or overly burdensome; further, TTAS is not responsible for contents which we do not believe were inside any boxes taken.

D. TTAS is not liable for any costs or damage that results from our inability to pick up or return your items at a specific time. Of course, we try our very best to respect your time and accommodate you.

E. Item Return: We will not return items to you unless you want us to. If you do want us to return an item, we will charge a return fee of 15% of the item’s Expected Sale Price, plus 20% of the item’s Expected Sale Price for each thirty-day period during which we stored the item. We will exclusively determine the Expected Sale Price. Example: If we stored an item for 45 days, the return fee for that item would be 55% of that item’s Expected Sale Price (15%, plus 20% for the first thirty-day period, plus 20% for the second thirty-day period.) You may not pick up any item from us; we will deliver it to you — for free within 15 miles of The Staples Center, and for $1 per mile thereafter.

F. Your Authority: You certify that you own, or are authorized to consign to us, each of the items you consign to us. You agree to reimburse The Things And Stuff for any costs that arise in the event that you do not own, or are not authorized to consign, any of the items of which you consign to us.

G. Item Rental: We may rent, or use for staging purposes, any item you consign to us. We will give you 20% of your item’s Rental Price, assuming that item eventually sells for $750 or more. We will exclusively determine the Rental Price. (This determination is less straightforward than determining an item’s sale price, because the rental of other items, and the fee for delivery and pick up of all items, will normally be included in the single price the renter pays.)

H. Item Description, Photography, Grouping & Repair/Modification: We will exclusively determine how to group and photograph your items. We will exclusively determine whether, when, and how to repair or modify any items you consign to us. We reserve the right to charge parts and labor costs of making repairs, but will not make repairs unless they will increase the net amount you will receive.